Weapons (Campa Collectibles) – Battlefield 4 Guide


Weapons (Campa Collectibles) – Battlefield 4 Guide

Aside from Dog Tags and picking up random weapons dropped by enemies in the campayoutube for the Achievements and Trophies tied to Collectibles, each mission in

All hidden guns on Bf4 campaign

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Battlefield 4 – All Collectible Locations (Weapons and Dogtags) – Mission 3 “South China Sea”

This is a guide on how to find all of the collectibles on the BF4 campaign mission “SOUTH CHINA SEA” (3rd mission)

Dog Tag #1 — Carcharodon 0:10
Dog Tag #2 — Lord of the Waves 0:53
Dog Tag #3 — Agent Kovic 2:09

Battlefield 4 Collectibles Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1XaIDWCJphdxQNqP9dXdKdeVgnmcoB4a &feature=mh_lolz

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Battlefield 4 – All Collectible Locations (Dog Tags & Weapons) – Mission 4: Singapore

There are a total of 35 collectibles (Dog Tags & Weapons) in Battlefield 4. Finding all of them will earn you the Recon trophy / achievement and counts towards “Full arsenal”. The collectibles are divided in two categories: 19 Dog Tags & 16 Hidden Weapons. You can see how many you’ve found by pausing the game during a mission, or by checking out your progress in mission select.
After picking up a collectible it will be saved automatically and immediately. You don’t have to pick it up again if you die. You may also leave the game immediately after finding one, without having to reach the next checkpoint. Your progress will still be saved.

Picking up weapons from dead enemies does also add up to your collectible progress towards “Recon”, but they are not actually needed. In other words: if you pick up weapons of enemies you might get the trophy / achievement earlier, but it’s totally optional and not needed. To get “Full arsenal” you must get all of the Dog Tags & Hidden Weapons.

Battlefield 4 Collectible Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRr5L69yg_kE2NGX9nnKDP4EyHgd-Cmty

#1 – Dog Tag – 0:05
#2 – Weapon – 0:32
#3 – Weapon – 1:05
#4 – Dog Tag – 2:06
#5 – Weapon – 2:36
#6 – Dog Tag – 3:14

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BattleField 4 Campaign Collectible Guide All Weapons and Tags

A video guide on the location of all dogtags and weapons found in the campaign.

NOTE: This is for collectibles and weapons you can FIND hidden through the campaign. This is NOT for weapons you pickup off enemies or earn by completing missions.
To get the last 3 tags you need to complete the campaign each different way (Give it to Irish, give it to Hannah, or keep it for yourself).

Some tags and weapons no longer appear for me since I first collected them. There may be nothing there for me, but there will be for you.

0:00 Nice Play Tag
0:36 M39 EMR
0:56 A One-Way Trip Tag
1:20 MG4
1:40 CBJ-MS
2:19 (Staff) Sergeant Dunn Tag

Shanghai Collectibles
2:41 A One-Man Riot Tag
2:56 Going Up? Tag
3:14 QBS-09
3:34 RFB
3:51 Business Casual Tag

South China Sea
4:12 Carcharodon Tag
4:29 P90
4:53 Lord of the Waves Tag
5:10 U-100 M5k
5:32 SPAS-12
5:54 Agent Kovic Tag

6:15 Horizontal Rain Tag
6:35 SCAR-H SV
7:00 M240B
7:44 Armored Column Tag
8:05 M16A4
8:32 Grounded Tag

Kunlun Mountains
8:57 Cage Fighter Tag
9:14 Freedom At Any Cost Tag
9:37 338-Recon
9:55 Shaw-Shanked Redemption Tag

10:11 A-91
10:33 M249
10:55 AEK-971
11:24 Destruction Enthusiast Tag
11:58 Upstream Swimmer Tag

12:25 Rebel Tag
12:43 AK 5C
13:01 Fleet Guardian Tag

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