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The Sims franchise is all about living a life different than your own, creating and destroying lives as you lead your virtual people through their own trials

a very in-depth guide to NRAAS story progression ✨


After much editing, the video is finally here! In this video, I show each and every setting I have in NRAAS SP and explain how my settings affect base gameplay. If you want to skip around in the video, here you go!

intro 0:00
download my settings here 3:21
what SP addons do i have? 5:14
modules 5:37
(finally) all my settings EXPLAINED 12:16
what is a caste? and what do they do? 15:28
teens need some help 18:04
general settings 29:53
adjusting chance of gay/bi sims 34:05
a really cool setting you should have on 36:39
town/immigrant settings 42:49
lot settings 46:54
outro 47:21

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NRAAS Story Progression:
Settings file (place in Documents/TS3/Library):

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Why It’s a Better Game – HUGE Differences Between Sims 3 and 4

You notice some things when you play The Sims 3 after years of playing The Sims 4. So many things provide deeper and more interesting gameplay, despite Sims 3’s occasional issues.

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The Sims 3: 10 FEATURES You Might Not Know Exist!

-Hidden traits:
-Transfigurification: &
-Magic gnome video:
-How to edit NRaas Story progression to enable the apple-watermelon method: Click on the computer or the town hall, NRaas, Story Progression, General Options, Options:Pregnancy, Newborn Gender, and then set it to random which will make this method work.

Hello guys, today I’m going to do what I’ve done in Sims 4. This is 10 features you might not know exist in The Sims 3!

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– To everyone who’s still wondering, I’m Indonesian.
– Buat yang masih sering bertanya-tanya, ya gua orang Indonesia.

Top 25 Things You Need To Know Before You Play The Sims 3 (For Beginners)

sick of the sims 4? make sure you know the basics before jumping into the sims 3… the BEST sims game!

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something has changed within me
something is not the same
im through with playing by the rules
of EA’s latest game

ps. build mode is a nightmare so don’t be expecting no sims 3 mansions, sorry x