Chapter 5: Inner Recesses – The Evil Within Guide


Chapter 5: Inner Recesses – The Evil Within Guide

Beginning at the end of your fall from the previous chapter, enter the door before you. There is a Journal on the table and an item. Once you have them, enter

The Evil Within – Akumu Walkthrough – All Collectibles – Chapter 5 “Inner Recesses” | CenterStrain01

Walkthrough for The Evil Within on Akumu with All Collectibles. This will be a guide to show you how to get past all enemies without taking any damage! Hope you enjoy!

Game: The Evil Within
Genre: Stealth / Survival Horror
Quality: 1440p/60FPS
Type: Walkthrough / All Collectibles


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The Evil Within – Akumu Walkthrough – All Collectibles – Chapter 5 “Inner Recesses” | CenterStrain01


The Evil Within – Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses – 100% Collectibles

Map Fragment #8 –
Personal Document #4 –
Newspaper #5 –
Key #9 –
Document #5 –
Audio Log #2 –
Map Fragment #9 –
Newspaper #6 –
Key #10 –
Map Fragment #10 –
Personal Document #5 –
Missing Person #4 –
Newspaper #7 –
Key #11 –

The Evil Within (PC) | Akumu Difficulty Guide | Chapter 5 “Inner Recesses”


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The Evil Within played on Akumu difficulty!

The Evil Within – Chapter 5: Inner Recesses Akumu Speedrun

The Evil Within – Akumu PC New Game (No DLC Pack)

This is a series of videos showing off strategies for each chapter besides chapter 1 since that chapter is very on-rails. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 If you like my videos, give them a like and share them around.

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