Ancestral Follower Ashes – Elden Ring Guide


Ancestral Follower Ashes – Elden Ring Guide

The Ancestral Follower Ashes is one of the many Spirit Ashes and Tools found throughout Elden

Elden Ring – How to get Ancestral Follower Ashes (defeating Ancestor Spirit)

The main boss in Siofra River is a giant moose enemy named Ancestor Spirit. To activate this boss you have to light 8 flame pillars surrounding Siofra River area, which is not too hard to find all. The Ancestor Spirit boss fight is also not that hard, since its body is very big and slow.
When defeated you will receive Ancestral Follower Ashes spirit summon.

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Elden Ring – Ancestral Follower Ashes

Located deep underneath The Lands Between this Minotaur Spirit is one of the best Spirit Ashes in the game. Long range and up close combat, he can handle any situation.

Come watch me and my best friend Jeffrey the Minotaur dominate Elden Ring everyday at Noon Eastern


ELDEN RING – Ancestral Follower Ashes location walkthrough guide

How to get the ancestral follower Ashes. #eldenringguide #eldenring #PS5

Elden Ring: How To Get The Amazing! “ANCESTRAL FOLLOWER” Spirit ASHES! Summons (Location & Guide)

Today I’ll Be Showing you how to get Amazing Spirit Ashes called “Ancestral Follower” you can get thus early on in the game, when you first start off, but its gonna be tough i would get a few levels first, but no worries i’ll walk you thru it step by step…enjoy
#EldenRing #SpiritAshes #AncerstalFollower #LocationGuide

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Elden Ring: How To Get The Amazing! Ancestral Follower ASHES! Summons (Location & Guide)

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